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Aegir Havbruk is an innovator. The company has an underlying philosophy of continuous research and development. For almost a decade, we have kept on strengthening our leading experience in the manufacture of efficient, secure and a low maintenance lobster settlers, Aegir’s main product. This system ensures a faster and safer release of lobster juveniles giving maximum re-catch.

In order to accomplish a complete sea-ranch, hatchery equipment can also be provided. Customers can benefit from our expertise through our complete range of services.

The Lobster Settling SystemTM

The Lobster Settling SystemTM releasing concept includes three main components: the Cartridge, the Canister and the Migration unit.

The cartridge section consists of a finite number of plates. Each plate is shaped so that the juveniles find protection against other juveniles as well as a supply of food, water flow and achieve natural biological development.

Hatching and use of Cartridge section

Lobster juveniles are then transferred to the cartridge section as soon as they have reached stage IV. The cartridge section is located within the canister where the juveniles are kept and fed for a short incubation period.

Transport of Cartridge section

After the incubation period the cartridge section is transported to the lobster sea-ranching farm.

Placing assembly in the lobster sea-ranching farm

The cartridge is removed from the canister and mounted on the migration unit. A retrieval line is attached and the unit is submerged into the sea on a suitable seafloor location. The juveniles leave the cartridge/migration section, to settle in the sea ranch, within a week.

What are the benefits of the Lobster Settling SystemTM ?

       - Provides a secure living environment until the juveniles leave the system

       - Gradual migration occurs without attracting natural predators

       - Enables gradual acclimatization and adaption from the hatchery to the sea bed

       - Allows the through flow of sea water carrying natural plankton food source

       - Allows for even population distribution of juveniles throughout a farm site

       - LSS design ensures proper morphological development

       - Preserves the natural predating behavior

       - No individual man-handling of lobster juveniles

       - Eliminates critical pelagic phase

       - Compact light-weight design

       - Cost efficient

Lobster Incubator

The lobster juvenile incubator is specially equipped with an injector head which ensures optimum flow and distribution of juveniles and food. The unit has a filter that prevents lobsters leaving the tank. Excess food is filtered out from the tank ensuring high water quality. The incubator tank is mounted in a bench and includes a lid.



Sea ranching management and logistics

Starting a project is an important step impacting for future success. Sea-ranching management is provided to ensure the sustainability of the site, a complete tracking of livestock while reaching economical objectives.

Feasibility studies, Turn-Key solutions

To help planning and shaping the best possible and complete lobster sea-ranching project, based on initial ideas.

Hatchery design & engineering

Fully scalable hatcheries can be designed to reach production objectives and independence in supplying sea-ranch with lobster juveniles.

Site localization expertise

A Sea-ranch cannot be situated anywhere. We can help finding the optimal solution to establish a sea-ranch which will provide the lobster with a suitable habitat.

Technical assistance

Our expertise will contribute to the development of your project by providing advice and support.


Training of your staff is a key component to ensure the optimization and success of your hatchery and sea-farm operations.

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